SUMMARY: Jukeboxes, labels, and Networker

From: Brent Bice (
Date: Mon Jan 15 1996 - 14:18:57 CST

   Apologies for the late reply. I've been a bit busy -- had ta rebuild
two raid partitions on our Storage Array, but that's another story (grin).
Anyway, thanks for the replies...

My original message:
   I'm preparing to install an Exabyte Jukebox with a barcode reader,
and Sun Solstice 4.1.2 on a machine running Solaris 2.4, and I've got
a few easy questions. First, any tips, caveats, warnings, etc. would
be appreciated. And are there any patches I gotta or oughta have?

   And lastly, in my quick perusal of the manual, I haven't seen any
mention of making the barcoded labels to put on the tapes. Is there
something in networker to do this? Some PD/shareware software I need
to get? Or perhaps a distributor that sells pages of sequentially
numbered labels??

I found out that it came with some barcoded labels, and the baggie they
were in has a part number on it, so (ostensibly) I can purchase them
through the sales-rep.

Also, there is a mailing list for networker users (see below) and was
warned that the jukebox code is an "extra" for networker that they charge
"extra" for. (wry grin) And I'll add to that -- you also hafta have
the "advanced" module in order to get and use the jukebox module (sigh).

Here's the replies I got...

Les Greene ( said:
Brent - I have an Exabyte EXB-60 unit. I get my barcode labels from a
local company here: Richard Young Products. It is like a stationary
catalog order place - but also has computer supplies. Just try a computer
"stationary" /supply store.

R A Lichtensteiger ( said:
First suggestion: (admin:

Second Suggestion:

    You do know that the jukebox code is an extra cost module for
    networker ... (Bit me <g>)

One subscribee to the list above reports good luck using a brother (?)
label printer; the rest of us used distributors ... Networker doesn't
have a module to generate labels.

Brent Bice

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