SUMMARY: How to compile gcc on SunOS 4.1.3

From: Steve Poulsen (
Date: Mon Jan 15 1996 - 01:14:52 CST

>On 12 Jan 96, Steve Poulsen <> wrote:
>I keep getting errors of missing functions:
>I didn't capture the display so the names may be off somewhat. I got the
>latest gcc ran : make LANGUAGE=c

>I will summarize.

Thanks to all who answered. (Michael Bielicki, Stephen Harris, Mike Fletcher,
raoul@MIT, Kevin Sheehan, Matus Uhlar, and others not yet received.)

The answer to this question is simple and seemed to be agreed upon and I
apologize if this type of problem is common knowledge as I am new to using any
compiler for the Sun:

There is a bug in SunOS dynamic shared libraries. Use -ldl in the linker
options. I added this option under CLIB= but I suppose it could be added in
several places. This fixed the problem.

Thanks again
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