SUMMARY: Max open files per process

From: Anchi Zhang (
Date: Sun Jan 14 1996 - 10:01:51 CST

My original posting:

 How does one increase the maximum number of open files per process
 on a Solaris 2.3 machine?

Many thanks to (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
 js@poseidon100 (Johnie Stafford) (Stephane Cottin - 47 89 36)
 George L Roman <>
 Tony Jago <>

most of whom suggested man limit/ulimit. I took one suggestion from

 # adb -w -k /kernel/unix /dev/mem
 rlimits+28?W 100
 rlimtts+28/W 100

I wonder if the same can be accomplished in /etc/system.

Moreover, George L Roman <> cautioned:

 We had major problems with this on a project I was on two years ago. We
 were using Solaris 2.2 back then, and the max was 1024.

 Note that under 2.4, libC is still hosed: stdio.h defines a file
 descriptor as unsigned char, limiting you to 256. What this means is
 that if your program makes use of the "standard I/O package" (ie.
 streams) you're stuck at 256. (Under SunOS 4.1.3, some doofus at Sun
 dropped the "unsigned" part! We had to get a special jumbo patch
 shipped to us.)


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