SUMMARY: clock battery on a SS1?

From: Christopher L. Barnard (
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 14:01:58 CST

I asked:

> I've got an old SS1 at a professor's home that resets the clock every
> time he turns off the power. (It changes to a random, highly incorrect,
> value). I opened up another SS1 to see what sort of battery runs the
> clock, but I don't see one anywhere on the motherboard.
> Does the clock run from the same battery that powers the NVRAM? The
> machine still has a reasonable value for its hardware ethernet address
> and hostid, so I don't think its failing. Can anyone tell me where the
> battery is that keeps the clock accurate while the power is off?

The answer is:

Yes. The clock runs from the same battery that keeps the NVRAM alive.
The fact that the clock is going indicates that I'd better get that
NVRAM replaced before I lose my hostid and hardware ethernet address
as well. Thanks to: (Martin Achilli) (Mark C. Henderson)
John Valdes <>
Jay Lessert <>
polaris2! (Bill Alvarad) (Russ Poffenberger)

Thanks also to John Valdes for mailing me a copy of the NVRAM FAQ, which
I will follow in trying to piggyback a new 3v battery onto the existing
NVRAM. (Much cheaper).

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