SUMMARY: How to boot single user from a Solaris 2.4 cdrom?

From: Pierre Mailhot (
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 09:18:43 CST

Hello sun-managers!

I'm back with a summary.

First, my original question:

On Thu, 11 Jan 1996, Pierre Mailhot wrote:

> Hello everybody!
> A Solaris 2.4 workstation that was running fine at a customer's site
> just decided last night that it didn't want to reboot from it's system disk.
> >From the information that we could gathered from our customer, it looks like
> either the system disk has crashed or the kernel and related files have been
> corrupted.
> On SunOS 4.1.X we could boot from the cdrom in order to load a munix and
> then mount and look at the different partitions of the workstation disks.
> How can we do the same thing with a Solaris 2.4 cdrom? From my knowledge,
> booting from the cdrom will launch the installation script. Is there
> a way to get the same behavior from a Solaris 2.X cdrom that we previously
> had with a SunOS 4.1.X cdrom? I know I could boot from a SunOS 4.1.X cdrom,
> but the customer doesn't have one and we can't ship them a copy (they are
> in Congo!!!).
> Any information would be greatly appreciated.

There seems to be three possibilities:

a) The obvious one: boot cdrom -s
   Shame on me for not even had tought of it... :-(

b) The similar one: boot cdrom -sw
   Same comment has the preceding one...

c) The one I should have seen: when you're in the installation GUI, you can
   select a cmdtool from the OpenWindows menu or you can exit the installation
   at some points and then find yourself in single user mode.

Thanks again for your help and recommendations. I was overwhelmed by
the amount of answers I received.

I wish to thank the following fellow sun-managers:

Ron Spillane <>
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And all those whose answers has yet to reach my mailbox.


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