SUMMARY: Can type 4 and type 5 keybds be swapped freely?

From: Risto Tolonen (
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 09:55:18 CST

Original question was:

> Can I swap type 4 and type 5 keyboards between SS2s and SS20s, all running
> Solaris 2.4 (soon 2.5)? Do I need to change any hw/sw settings?

The short answer is:

Yes. No.

However, Jens Fischer <> added more detail:

> Type 4 keyboards should work in any case. Type 5 keyboards need an OpenBoot
> PROM Version of 2.5 or higher in order to work correctly on PROM level, for
> PROM Versions from 1.3 up to 2.3 you need a PROM Patch.
> If you use a type 5 keyboard without the required PROM rev (or Patch) the
> keyboard will be working as a type 4 one, i.e. th keyboard mappings will
> be wrong at PROM mode, which may be acceptable if you are aware of it. There
> shouldn't be any problems with these PROM levels when Solaris is running.

Thanks to all who responded.
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