SUMMARY: remote console

From: Stephen Harris (
Date: Fri Jan 12 1996 - 03:29:04 CST

I originally asked about methods for taking remote console control
for cases when our Sun dies and won't allow telnet etc - only fix is
to go to PROM mode and 'reset'. I asked if a term server would work, and
asked for suggestions.

Thanks to:

Apologies if I've missed anyone out.

They came up with one thought I didn't have: use an old/spare work station
(eg a sparc 2) with serial expansion card, and tip. Essentially a "poor
mans" terminal server :-) Not applicable to me (no spare hardware) but
a nice solution (hmm, maybe get a Linux box with serial expansion card...).
Careful when rebooting this Sparc because it could send spurious breaks
on the serial lines forcing the rest into PROM mode!

The rest agreed with my suggestion on using a terminal server. When asked,
the following servers were reported as working:

  Xylogics Annex XL
  Lannet LTS16
  SpiderPort gave a few details on hardware/software hacks at his
site that allow a local console to be used, and allowing remote connection
so off-site support can take over and fix the problem. Clever!

mshon@sunrock.East.Sun.COM hinted that dedicated devices do exist for this
purpose, but they generally don't have remote-access, so need to be
connected to a terminal server anyway!

Thanks to everyone that helped. GREAT mailing list!


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