SUMMARY: how to access parallel port?

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Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 08:30:50 CST

Hello and thanks for the prompt responses!

I thought the question was quite simple. I just never had to do it
before. Thanks!

My question was:

.I have a sparc5 with a parallel port (//).
>What special file do I use to access this port (ie. /dev/ttya is serial
>A). And do I just substitute the answer to the above with the
>lp=/dev/ttya in the printcap?

The answer:


where bpp stands for bidirectional parallel port and (x) is the instance
of the port (ie. /dev/bpp0).

Thanks to: (Brett Lymn)
Janet Dickson <> (GREGOR E FELLERS) (Mark R. Lemoine (John Malick) (Johnie Stafford) (Kevin Sheehan)
and any others who may respond before they read this!

Thanks again!

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