SUMMARY: QMS PS 800 printer on serial port

From: Anne Kilarjian (anne@CS.SunySB.EDU)
Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 10:38:57 CST

My original inquiry:

I have a QMS/PS 800 postscript printer that worked find on the
serial port of a PC. Now we want to attach it to a Sun. The
printer is set to 9600 and defaults to no parity, XON/XOFF flow control.
I have the printer on serial port A of the sun and have set up
all the lpr/printcap stuff on the Sun. The problem is that I
can cat a postscript file out the port and it prints fine. Using
lpr however, the file queues and spools as expected on the Sun,
the receive light blinks on the printer for a reasonable length
of time, but nothing ever prints out.

I received many helpful replies. The solution turned out to be
disabling the banner page in the printcap file. Thanks to all who

 Herbert Wengatz
 Mike Ordun
 Parks Fields
 Larry Ridenour
 Michael Ringbauer
 Martin Achilli
 Mr T Crummey
 Michael Sullivan
 Bob Corbett
 Arthur Ferruzzi

My apologies if I left anyone out, it was not deliberate.

Anne Kilarjian
S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook

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