SUMMARY: [Q]: non-SUN monitor on SPARC 10?

From: Daniel Jones (
Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 03:56:39 CST

Thanks to

Erik Tolido
Ed Romascan
Daniel Blander
Michael Baumann
Rob Vahsen
Bert N. Shure

who replied to my initial query about the possibility
of attaching a non-SUN monitor to a SPARC 10.

The basic situation appears to be you certainly can do this as long as
you use the right adaptor cables
e.g. SUN->pigtail BNC -> pigtail BNC->PC adaptor. I'll append the replies
to this summary as some people included specific catalogue information
which others may find useful.

Yes you can! I've seen many environments where users wanted to use the
NEC monitors (XP17 or XP19) instead of the standard Sun SONY monitors, which
work with the right cable conversion. The cables, you should be able to get from
the Black Box Catalog or InMac.


-Erik Tolido
A PC monitor works fine. Just make sure you get one that syncs
automatically, not at fixed frequencys. Oasis, 619-279-7400 has the cable
you need PN 60-50539

Yes - you need pigtails/adapters (because the sun is a Wsomething connector)
and the monitor *must* support 76hz scan rates vertical and horizontal.

 Daniel Blander =8^)
Yes: it can be done, there are a few ways of doing it. All require an
adapter of some kind, and all require a halfway decent monitor.
 Here are two that we have done in house:

1) Get an octopus adaptor (13W3->4BNC) and a monitor that can take
   4 BNC. we used a MAG MX17F/G.. note that it will only support
   66Hz unless you use the cable listed below

2) Get a 13W3->15pin VGA adapter, and use a multisync monitor,
        we used a MAG DX17F
Source for these Adaptors:
Ultra Spec cables, (800)622-2537
They have the 13W3->4BNC anywhere from 4->98ft for 66hz
                                       4->15ft for 76hz
and the 13W30>VGA for $36


Michael Baumann
as long as the monitor will do 1152x900 at the right scan rate, you're
fine. don't try to hook up a vga monitor!

Sure we use (ofcause) use Philips Brilliance monitors.
E.g. 17A (17") and 21A, 21B's 21").
We use a Sun connector to 4 BNC plugs for that from our local

Good Luck,

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