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Date: Thu Jan 11 1996 - 13:02:38 CST

Sorry to post this again but I forgot to include SUMMARY in my heading.

> My Originial question was:
> I am looking for a ppp that will do dynamic IP at both ends (i.e. Neither IP
> address is known until after connection). Suns ppp only does dynamic IP at
> end. Needs to run on Solaris 2.4 on a SPARC 5.
> I have been told that Morning Stars ppp does this. Is this the only one
> available ?

Many thanks to all the following people that replied:,

Anatoly M. Lisovsky <>,
Erik J. Tolido <>,
Bob Hoffman <>,
Bert N. Shure <>,
Celeste Stokely <>,
Doug Jones <>,
Lee F. Johnson <>,
Joseph SZABO <>.

Firstly just to clarify some peoples questions, so far I had been using the PPP
the comes with Solaris 2.4. This works fine, I have had very few problems with
This. But recently I needed to connect to a dialup PPP service that only
provided dynamic PPP on both ends, the PPP that comes with Solaris 2.4 cannot
do this.

Most people suggested Morningstars PPP, a couple suggested Sun's SunLink PPP
(not free). One person suggested that Solaris 2.5 comes with a PPP that will do
the trick, and one person suggested the latest version of dp-4.0.

Well I tried afew of the suggestions:-

I downloaded Morningstars PPP from http://www.MorningStar.Com/ and got a free
30 day eval license. This is definetly the easiest version of PPP I have come
across. Installs with pkgadd, and can be setup and running within 30 mins.
Price U.S. $795.

I also tried dp-4.0 from Its relatively simple to
compile and setup. I was not able to set it up to do both client and server
side dynamic IP. It appears to only do client side dynamic IP. I only spent a
maximum of 2 hours on it so I could be wrong.

I didn't bother to try SunLink since Morningstar was so good, and I didn't
expect it to be any cheaper.

We are moving to Solaris 2.5 but not just yet, so I can't say what the version
of PPP that ships with 2.5 is like.


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