SUMMARY: cde 1.0.1 problems

From: Rob Allan (
Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 14:27:05 CST

My original post asked the following:

1. The timed screen locker doesn't seem to work, I would prefer not to use
xautolock because I don't know how well it will interact with the dtlogin
process. (dtlogin is basically a suped-up xdm.)

2. The dtterm has some term emulation problems. It doesn't work right wen you
gome out of a vi session and if you log into an workstation running an older sun
os, you get a term unkonw error and vi goes into single line mode.

3. There doesn't seem to be any way to set the tab spacing on the text editor.

The answers are:

1. The timde lock is not supported under sun's current xserver. I believe you
need an extensions available in X11R6. In the meantime, I was told xautolock
works fine. I've had it in my ~/.dt/sessions/sessionetc file for almost 2 weeks
now and it works fine. The line is the same as I used in my .xintrc.

2. Unless you want to get into editing term property files, you're out of luck.
The most common response was: "use xterm" :) According to some responses, you
can add the term entry to the sunos machines and it will work.

I've gone back to cmdtool until this is fixed.

3. No luck here. I'm using texteditor again.

The only FAQ I could find for CDE is at:

Thanks to all for the many helpful responses,

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