SUMMARY: V35/Brixton/Aurora

From: Gadi Friedman (
Date: Wed Jan 10 1996 - 10:53:52 CST

Well, it seems that I'm out of luck.
Aurora does not make a V35 card, and Brixton does not
answer my email.

I hate to advertise Brixton, after they didn't even bother
responding to my email but...


Maybe after reading this summary, some kind soul out there
will help me getting my BrxHDLC card working on a Sun4m using
SunOS 4.1.4. Or possibly someone may remember a source for
a V35 SBUS HDLC card.

Thanks to:


Original question:

> I have an old Brixton HDLC v35 card which I would like to use
> on my Sparc 5. However, the drivers I have only support the
> Sun4c architecture, and the Sparc5 is Sun4m.
> Does anyone know if Brixton Systems Inc still exists?
> I need to get drives for their BrxHDLC SBUS card which support
> Sun4m. The drivers I have only support Sun4c and will not run
> on my Sparc 5. I need the hdlc and TS drivers for SunOS 4.1.4.
> As an alternative, I heard that Aurora possibly sells a v35
> SBUS card with HDLC drivers. Does anyone have experience with
> this card?

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