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Date: Tue Jan 09 1996 - 16:09:03 CST

Hi and thanks for the replies

My question was

> the lost+found was lost some how and I want to recreate one. I know it's
> no good to mkdir because as much as I remember lost+found has to
> allocate inode 3. What way is there besides newfs ? ( can't relay on
> backups)


 It seems that the lost+found can allocate any inode entry.

 You have to make sure the directory is big enough (8k) to be used by
 fsck so you can create 650 empty files and then delete them
 here is the script that does it.

        # mklost+found - shell script for recreating lost+found
        echo "Making lost+found directory..."
        /bin/mkdir ./lost+found
        /usr/etc/chown root ./lost+found
        /bin/chgrp wheel ./lost+found
        /bin/chmod 755 ./lost+found
        echo "Moving into lost+found directory..."
        cd ./lost+found
        echo "Creating temporary files in lost+found directory..."
        while [ "$nofiles" -le 650 ]
                /bin/touch $nofiles
                nofiles=`expr $nofiles + 1`
        echo "Deleting temporary files in lost+found directory..."
         /bin/rm ./*

And above all fsck will create lost+found for me if it isn't there. A
phenomenon that didn't happened in my case.

Sorry I failed to write a subject to the question (I could sweare I
wrote one).

Thanks alot to:
jgotobed@LPL.Arizona.EDU (Joe Gotobed)
Marc Mason <> (Jeff Wasilko) (Celeste Stokely) (Anatoly M. Lisovsky)
Jay Lessert <> (Stephen Harris)
Anderson McCammont <>
Jens Fischer <> (Jochen Bern) (Eric Peterson)
Stephen Schaefer <> (Andrej Misik)


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