IN SUMMARY : Unix / NT intergration issues (NFS)

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Date: Mon Jan 08 1996 - 15:18:16 CST

To Sun Managers,

Firstly, I wish to thank the following people for their responses:-

needless to say that I will probably writing direct to lots of you in the very
near future.....

There were some interesting answers given and there are obviously many people
out there trying to crack this puzzle also.
The first most striking observation to make is that the Public Domain product
SAMBA was suggested in 80% of the answers! I shall indeed look at this product
although I am rather hesitant to do so simply because the idea of putting a
Financial Institution's infrastructure on a shareware product frightens the wits
out of most managers I have come across. This product, for me, will therefore be
explored later and will be further down my wish list.

The next product to try seems to be the LM Server from Syntax (Sun). I have
already obtained a copy of this and I am due to begin evaluating it over next
few days. If you are interested in hearing the results, mail me direct again and
I will certainly share my findings.
I would also like to here from anyone who has used this product as I have a few
questions to ask already, (file locking techniques being one of them!) Can it be
used as a domain controller? Is it NIS aware? I understand that everytime a user
open a file, a record is kept in a file called lock.smb. Does this mean any
other NFS can also open the file? Or is this simply a means of self-reference by
the product? i.e. will it still use rpc.lockd at a lower level? I am keeping my
fingers crossed.......

I would like also, to here from people with experience of installing Microsoft
Lan manager for Unix by Unipress. How does the lock mechanism work? What's the
typical processor overhead? Can it be used as a domain controller? Is it NIS
Again I will share my findings with others.......

Thanks for the er, ahem, chapter, on file locking by Fred Whiteside! Very in
depth and thorough. Anybody who wants a copy, mail me and I will gladly forward
Fred's teachings.

My final finding was that it seemed that many had found that performance was
better when running a server based product as opposed to a client-based NFS
product. Maybe due to the NFS packet read/write overhead? (NT's multithreading
helps, I wonder what this in combination with NFS 3 would be like.....?) This
also gives me positive vibes. I am looking forward to the comparison......

Again, a big thanks to everyone that responded. I am very grateful of your

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