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Date: Thu Jan 04 1996 - 15:27:27 CST

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> >Without using additional software (such as wu-ftp, tcpwrapper), is it
> >possible to create an account that a user can only ftp into but cant
> >telnet, rsh or rlogin?
> >
> >I've found a hackey way by giving the account a real shell (/bin/csh) to
> >satify the general restrictions of ftpd but set up a .login and .cshrc file
> >not owned by him that closes the connection. Is there a better way?
> >

Here's where I claim my New years hangover got to me. DOH!!
As many quickly replied (and I should have remember) I just nee to
put an entry in /etc/shells that is the "phony shell" listed in the
users /etc/passwd file. In this case I created the following shell:
#! /bin/sh
exit 0

Thanks to the following people (and I'm sure there will be more response to

Mike Fletcher <>
Michael Maciolek <> (Johnie Stafford)
"Jim Meritt" <> (William C. DenBesten)

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