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I have a system here with eight Suns of various vintage - most are running 1.1.1 or thereabouts, because of various old, but required packages - but a couple are on 2.4. The NIS master is a 1.1.1 machine and I had two slave servers, also 1.1.1 - everything worked fine except that if the slave used by a 2.4 (sparc10) went down, no one could then mount drives etc from that 2.4 machine unless I manually changed things (ypbind -ypsetme) - even then it didnt always work.

As this has happened a mite too often, I decided to stop one of the 1.1.1's acting as a slave and set up the 2.4 sparc10 in its place.

Problem is, you can run ypinit -m on the master and send all the maps to the 2.4 but it doesnt work - it will not see itself as a slave even though I have used ypinit -c to set it up as a server in the ypservers database and also tried running ypbind in -broadcast mode. Whatever I have tried, it still goes off and binds to one of the remaining 1.1.1 servers.

Is it possible to do this or will I have to perhaps make one of the 2.4 machines the master?

Secondly, if this is the case, are there any pitfalls in the transfer of NIS master duties from 1.1.1 to 2.4?

The following replied.....

Jarod Jenson
Gina Ross
Paul Brown
Graham Markes
Ron Spillane
John Luke
Peter Watkins

most said that i needed the NIS transition kit as Solaris 2.n does not come with server capability, and of course we dont have it!

nor will we be in a position to spend lots of money on it so the only option is to use one of the 2.4 machines as a master of a NIS+ system in compatibility mode which the 4.1.n machines can bind to.

Thanks to all who responded

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