SUMMARY: Serial printer problem.

From: Bjoern Karlsen (
Date: Wed Jan 03 1996 - 08:05:44 CST


I've solved (I think) my serial printer problem. I removed Solaris 2.4,
and installed Solaris 2.3. Seems ok, so far...

Thanks to: (Stephen Harris)
        Flow control? Is it waiting for CTS?
        On the Sun side try jumpering 4&5 together and 6&8&20 together.
        ENSURE serial port is set to xon/xoff flow control!

Daniel Jones <>
        You could try printing to /dev/cua/a instead of /dev/term/a or b.
        Also I removed all login services...

Bjørn Karlsen

Original question:

I have a printer problem.

Hardware in use: SparcStation 1 and a serial dot matrix printer (a FACIT
emulating an IBM ProPrinter)
Software: Solaris 2.4 (patches: 101959-03, 101933-01, 101969-04, 101975-01,
101979-03, 102001-03, 102002-01, 102003-0, 102007-01, 102020-02, 102035-01,
102044-01, 102062-03, 102216-02, 101945-27, 101242-10)

The printer is connected to serial port b (/dev/term/b according to
Admintool/Printer Manager).
I have disabled the Serial Port Manager for port b (using admintool/
Serial Port Manager)

# pmadm -l -p zsmon
zsmon ttymon ttya u root /dev/term/a I - /usr/bin/login - 9600 ldterm,ttcompat ttya login: - tvi925 y #
zsmon ttymon b ux root /dev/term/b I - /usr/bin/login - 9600 ldterm,ttcompat login: - tvi925 y #Initialize Only - No Connection

I have printed to this printer earlier with success, but after a reboot
of the SparcStation 1 yesterday, it will not print.

The printer queue is enabled, and lpsched is running.

lpstat -p la4_0 alternates between these outputs:

printer la4_0 waiting for auto-retry. available.
        Timed-out trying to open the printer port.


printer la4_0 now printing la4_0-107. enabled since Wed Dec 20 13:45:12 MET 1995. available.

I've switched the power off and on on the printer, but it didn't help.
What's wrong? Bad cable (2 and 3 crossed, 7 straight through)?

Any suggestions?

lpstat -t (removed output regarding other printers):

scheduler is running
system default destination: ps1700h2
device for la4_0: /dev/term/b
la4_0 accepting requests since Fri Dec 1 09:59:59 MET 1995
printer la4_0 now printing la4_0-107. enabled since Wed Dec 20 13:45:12 MET 1995. available.
la4_0-107 edh!abc 2111060 Dec 20 08:35 on la4_0
la4_0-109 edh!abc 749 Dec 20 08:37
la4_0-119 edh!abc 749 Dec 20 08:51

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