SUMMARY : Mail in heterogenous environment get splitted, help!

From: Frode Stromsvag (
Date: Thu Nov 23 1995 - 05:46:08 CST

Thanks a lot!

All responses pointed to the fact that Eudora has this
problem due to some MAC Text handling limits (32K). This
limit is also transferred to the Windows version.

You can put together the original message by selecting
all the splitted pieces and then 'save as' (turn off
'Include Headers' first). Another alternative is to let
the BIG mail messages stay on your host. Also if Eudora
recognizes the BIG text (or whatever) as an attachment,
you won't bump into this problem. The PRO version of
Eudora is said to not have this problem.

One person thought this was not a Sun issue, but how could
I know. The fact is that a lot of us work in a heterogenous
environment and (praise the Lord) you are a bunch of
extremely experienced Sun managers with all the knowledge
in the world! What would a PC person know about interaction
between Suns and PCs/MACs? (hope I don't offend anyone here).

Some also suggested I'd have a look at Pegasus Mail which
doesn't have this problem. A recent MAC version made this
a good choice for me. The PC version has a very nice
interface. I feel the MAC interface could be improved.
Thanks for the suggestion, I've already tested and implemented
it (the reason for the late SUMMARY). And Pegasus is
FREEWARE!!!! (archie for (windows) and pmmac212.hqx (mac)).

Thanks a lot to:
James Ashton
John Chrisoulakis
Andrew J. Cosgriff (thanks for Pegasus)
Stuart Beck
Tommy Lindqvist
Tim Pointing
Jim Coby
Jeff Wasilko (sorry Jeff)
Eric Shafto
Reto L. Lichtensteiger or
John Valdes (Win ver 1.44 Mac ver 1.5)
Justin Young (thanks for Pegasus)
David R. Steiner

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In an environment consisting of Sun boxes, PCs and Macs, mail files
sometimes get splitted into a number of smaller pieces before it
is received.

Eudora is used as mailtool for the Macs and PCs. The mailserver
is a SunBox running SunOS 4.1.3 and a POP deamon running there.

- Sending big mail messages between Sun Boxes are no problem.

- Sending big mail messages from the PCs or Macs to Suns are ok.

- Sending big mail messages from Suns to PCs or Macs are NOT OK.
  they get splitted into a lot of small parts.

WHY? Have any of you experienced this? I am very greatful to any
suggestions. I will summarize.

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