SUMMARY: NIS aliases SunOs 4.1.3

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Date: Mon Nov 20 1995 - 23:37:37 CST


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Hi, sorry for the late summary.

The question was:

>i'm trying to add /etc/netmasks to the NIS service. The problem is that
>map request only work with the name "netmasks.byaddr", not netmasks.>

>So ypmatch xx.xx.xx.xx netmasks won't work, but
> ypmatch xx.xx.xx.xx netmasks.byaddr does.

>Is it possible to give a alias for netmasks.byaddr? The sun docu says no,
>but i thought netmasks is a default map?

>If it is not possible, will the libc still resolve name request regarding
>the /etc/netmasks file?

I got a couple of answers from:

Scott McBain <>:
>Stick the following in /var/yp/nicknames:
>netmasks netmasks.byaddr
>that should do it...

- - But this is a Solaris 2.x feature. Under SunOs 4.1.x the file is ignored.

From: Veselin Terzic <>:

>in ypmatch.c you can find:

>struct ypalias {
> char *alias, *name;
>} ypaliases[] = {
> { "passwd", "passwd.byname" },
> { "group", "group.byname" },
> { "networks", "networks.byaddr" },
> { "hosts", "hosts.byname" },
> { "protocols", "protocols.bynumber" },
> { "services", "services.byname" },
> { "aliases", "mail.aliases" },
> { "ethers", "ethers.byname" },
>or something similar, change it and compile ypmatch. Add this line in the
> { "netmasks", "netmasks.byaddr" },

- - This works, of course. So you have a alias when calling ypmatch.

I got no answer regarding the libc call.

Finally i just tried it out:
The libc without patches happily resolves calls to the netmask.byaddr map.
The aliases are only for the user.

Thanx for the advice.


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