SUMMARY: mapping character in PC-NFS

Date: Mon Oct 09 1995 - 08:00:19 CDT

Scant hours after posting my question, I discover that the
option *is* documented (under the section on pcnfs.sys in the
reference manual), but you have to know where to look as it
is not listed in any of the indices.

"Thank you"s to <> and everyone else
from whom I may receive a reply.

Original question:
> I'm trying to install various MS-Windows packages onto a network
> drive mounted via PC-NFS (v5.1a). During the installation, an attempt
> is made to create files which contain tildes. It appears that PC-NFS
> maps DOS filenames that contain tildes to the `' format.
> Of course, when this happens the installation programme cannot find
> the file and a fatal error happens.
> The manual for 5.0 says:
> "The mapping character is configurable; tilde is the default."
> but then doesn't bother to explain how one goes about changing it.
> Taking a wild guess, I postulate that if I can change the mapping
> character to some other (unused) character (like ALT-255, say), the
> problem will go away. Seems worth a try anyhow.
> So, does anyone know how to change the mapping character or, more
> precisely, how can I prevent PC-NFS mapping filenames that contain
> tilde(s)?


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