SUMMARY: How xdm captures console msgs between logins

From: Anchi Zhang (
Date: Fri Oct 06 1995 - 16:18:06 CDT

My original posting:

 To capture console messages between console logins in X11R5's xdm
 environment, one can use the DisplayManager._0.setup resource, the
 Xsetup_0 script, and the xconsole client. How can one accomplish
 the same in X11R4's xdm?

Many thanks to Dirk Everling ( who replied:

 You can't. Or, at least, I couldn't. This was one of my major reasons
 to update from R4 to R6.
 To prevent console messages from showing in X11R4 I edited the file
 /etc/syslog.conf and replaced every occurence of "/dev/console" with
 /tmp/console.messages, a file which I created new each time the Sun
 had to be rebooted (using an entry in /etc/rc).


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