SUMMARY: QuantumEmpire2100S

From: Fausto Almeida (
Date: Fri Oct 06 1995 - 15:29:27 CDT


I had some problems with the disk but I finaly got it working.
Here are the parameters I used:
  <Quantum E2100S cyl 3718 alt 2 hd 12 sec 92>

There isn't yet any format.dat in

I tried to use scsiinfo but I got parameters that would lead to over 5 million
blocks, obviously wrong to a 2.05G disk (max ~4 million blocks).

The info that came with the disk indicated 12 heads and was confirmed by
scsiinfo, so I cooked the other parameters from these two above.

Thanks to all that replied: (Met Cirit X-2242) (Paul Hostrup-Jessen)


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