SUMMARY: NeWSprint 2.5(a) and Solaris 2.4

From: David Thompson (
Date: Wed Sep 13 1995 - 07:51:18 CDT

        My original problem was that during the upgrade from Solaris 2.3 to
Solaris 2.4, we lost print services. We had NeWSprint 2.5 running on a
Sun Sparcstation 10 with an lpvi card and a SPARCprinter, and every print
job submitted to the que would cause a core dump and the error message
"Bad System Call."

        Although I got many replies, only one did not assume that I had
NeWSprint 2.5B. I looked up our revision and found it to be Rev. A.
Here is what Jane Medefesser (jane.medefesser@Eng.Sun.Com) had to say:

> Sun's official position on NeWSprint 2.5 problems is: upgrade to
> 2.5B. Aside from the problem you noted in the patch directory on the
> Solaris CD, there are no printing problems on Solaris 2.4 with
> NeWSprint.

So, we have ordered NeWSprint 2.5B. I did get plenty of messages about the
patches required to make 2.5B work, and have included some below.

                Thanks to all that answered,

: Hello,
: I just upgraded our lab's SS10 from Solaris 2.3 to 2.4. We have a
: SPARCprinter hooked up to an lpvi video card, which had been running fine
: until we upgraded. Now, whenever a print job is submitted, a core is
: dumped with the message "Bad Sytem Call - core dumped". I saw the
: NeWSprint directory on the 2.4 CD, but it appears to be a fix for a
: different version of NeWSprint, because I tried to install the patch that
: was there and it seemed to think the patch didn't apply to any software
: we had.
: Is our version of NeWSprint (2.5) outdated? Even if it is, is there
: a way (patch) to make it work under Solaris 2.4?
: Thanks,
: David


>From: (Mark B. Hamby)
>Subject: Re: NeWSprint 2.5 and Solaris 2.4
>These are the patches needs for NeWSprint 2.5 Rev B as of 31 July 1995.
>Some patches may have new revision numbers.
>101656-06 NeWSprint 2.5 RevB: xnews server jumbo patch.
>102113-03 NeWSprint 2.5 RevB: hangs when printing
>102114-02 NeWSprint 2.5 RevB: postreverse doesn't see correct tmp directory
>102211-01 NeWSprint 2.5 RevB: SPARCprinter jumbo patch
>Cool nights,
>Mark Hamby
>Logicon RDA


>I hate to just give you the standard "me too" reply, but we've been having the
>same problem. I believe we're running newsprint 2.5c. At first things would
>print just fine, but jobs never left the queue. After applying the relevant
>patch (don't have the number handy) we started seeing coredumps about every
>other print job, regardless it seems of the contents of the printed material.
>I haven't been able to correlate this with any other system activity, and
>sometimes we go for a whole day before a rash of coredumps. In any case,
>I'd suggest various combinations of the newsprint-specific patches (I've
>had good luck finding things on
>If you find out anythign more substantial I'd really appreciate it if you
>could forward it to me.
>Jeremy Payne
>UIUC Neuroscience program &
>College of Medicine


>Sun sent us the following information regarding Newsprint and Solaris 2.4.
>After installing Newsprint 2.5B under Solaris 2.4 you will need
>to install the following patches:
>1) Solaris 2.4 Patch Cluster from Solaris 2.4 cdrom (if you haven't already)
>2) 102211-03 SPARCprinter Jumbo Patch
>3) 102113-03 Newsprint 2.4B Queue Fix
>4) 101959-06 Solaris 2.4 LP Jumbo Patch
>5) 101945-32 Solaris 2.4 Kernel Jumbo Patch
>Items 2-5 can be ordered via SunService hotline.
>After installing patches you will need to reboot the system.
>After rebooting, you need to add the printer using
>To complete the install you might need to reboot but this may not be
>Todd Pfaff \ Email:
>Computing and Information Services \ Voice: (905) 525-9140 x22920
>McMaster University \ FAX: (905) 528-3773
>Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8S 4M1 \


>From: Anders Hammarquist <>
>You may need to reinstall NeWSprint after the upgrade so it's in the list
>of installed packages. If you do pkginfo you should see (among the
>other lines):
>application SUNWsteNP NeWSprint
>if not, you need to reinstall NeWSprint and then the patch should
>work. BTW, there is a newer patch on the net (102113-03 is the latest
>I've seen, -02 is on the 11/94 CD).


>Hi David,
>we had lots of problems with Solaris 2.4 and NeWSPrint. I had a call open with
>Sunsolve for months. Eventually I got a preliminary patch. I could send it to
>you if you want. Its called T191959-06 and is quite big. Let me know if
>you want it and I will see if I can split it up a bit or put it on an ftp


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