SUMMARY:SBUS ethernet card with BNC or AUI interface

From: Jozef Rujak (
Date: Wed Sep 06 1995 - 20:07:59 CDT

Hi Suners,

Sun makes X453A SBus Ethernet Controller. It features AUI/BNC
combo interface. It is not in Sun Configuration Guide, but it still
in Sun Price List for $492.
Other posiibility is to get UTP/AUI Converter for example from
NuData (#5529 UTP/AUI Converter) or Sbus cards from other companies
like Artecon or Cabletron.

Thanks To:

Alan Ronemus
Simon-Bernard Drolet

My Orriginal Query:

> I am looking for SBUS ethernet card with BNC or AUI interface.
> Sun is selling just cards with twisted pair interface.
> Is there available SBUS ethernet card with BNC or AUI interface
> from other companies ? Or is there available any third-party
> converter (adapter box) from twisted pair to AUI or BNC
> as it is mentioned in Sun Configuration Guide ?

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