SUMMARY: DNS with multiple domains

From: Erik J. Tolido (
Date: Fri Sep 01 1995 - 21:39:57 CDT

My original question was:
I am trying to set up multiple domains on one DNS server running Solaris 2.4.
Does anybody have any detailed documentation or can you point me in the
right direction as to where I might find it?

Essentially the answer I got was two-fold. The first one was, get the O'Reilly
Nutshell book on DNS,

Title : DNS and BIND
Author : Paul Albitz & Cricket Liu
Publisher: O'Reilly and Assoc.
ISBN : 1-56592-010-4

The second collective answer provided hints and examples to set up my
named.boot file with multiple DNS names as follows:


@ IN SOA (
                        952431444 ;Serial
                        3600 ;Refresh
                        420 ;Retry
                        604800 ;Expire
                        43200) ;Minumum
        IN NS

This file seems to be the only one that needs to be modified. Anyone needing
more detail can e-mail me direct!

My thanks go out to

Simon-Bernard Drolet <> (Victor Kolosov)
"David H. Brierley" <> (Amit Bhatiani) (Anatoly M. Lisovsky)
"Lars P. Fischer" <>
Scott Turvey <>
Simon Burr <> (Stephen Harris)
bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE (Jochen Bern)
Tim Bradshaw <>


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