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From: Craig Gruneberg (
Date: Wed Aug 23 1995 - 07:48:09 CDT

Sorry about the encoded version of the previous summary on this
same subject. I guess I need to post to the group to find out
why my mailtool attachments are being encoded!! :-)

Well, here in readable form, is the previous summary:

My original question dealt with the availability of FORTRAN 90
compilers for Solaris:

I have a user who is looking for a FORTRAN 90 compiler to run under
Solaris 2.4.

It appears as though SUN has one and Craysoft also ( might be
a joint venture ).

Is anyone using a F90 compiler now or can you provide any
sources for same?

I received about 8 reponses for which I thank all those who took
the time to write.

From: "C. H. Fenton" <>

        The Fortran 90 is on the Sun try and buy CD. Check
the Sun WWW site ( I got mine in the mail
today and haven't had a chance to set it up yet... There's
insytructions on how to get licenses after you get the cd
and I believe they give out demo licenses of some sort
(either 60 or 90 day ones).

From: (Craig Gates)

Sun sells the Craysoft compiler, so one in the same. We are using both the
Craysoft product and the Edinbrough product. The support from Cray has
been outstanding, the same goes to Edinbrough though we use the Craysoft
product more.
Fujitsu also has a F90 compiler but it didn't rate as high as Cray and
Edinbrough when we evaluated the products last Dec.

>From raoul@MIT.EDU Wed Aug 16 23:43 EDT 1995

No, but g77 works fine under gcc-2.6.3, which is how *I* get Fortran
these days. Both are available from

From: (Nils Kalvatn Larsen)


I think NAG Ltd. (Oxford/UK) has a f90 compiler that will run
under Sol2.4. Try e-mailing to this adress:

or simply call

   +44 (0)1865 511245

From: Gerhard den Hollander <>

We have the regular sun soft version, tho we don't rely on any fortran90
features (heck most of our fortran code is so old, even fortran77 is modern
compared to it).So Im not sure if my opinion is of any use, but the regular
sun fortran compiler works fine for us.

(but personally I'd suggest your user to merge to C or C++)


we are using a fortran 90 compiler under solaris 2.3
which is supplied by NAG.

        The numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
        Nag Ltd
        Wilkinson House
        Jordan Hill Road
        United KMingdon
        OX2 8DR

        Tel: +44 865 511245
        Fax +44 865 310139

From: (floating point solutions ltd)

There is an excellent Fortran compiler from Apogee. There is no better
performance out there. Everyone uses Apogee when calculating SPEC's for
new machines/processors. Also available with Kuck and Associates

Contact George Malek at Apogee and tell him I sent you.
You should find him very helpful.

From: (John D Schneider)

The following is pulled from the sun-managers archives, when others asked the
same question as you:


1) SUN: They don't have a fortran 90 compiler for SunOS 4.1.3. I was
told by SUN Telesales there is a version for Solaris 2.x, however
another mail from someone else suggested it is not available.

2) NAG: (Numerical Algorithms Group?) - they say they have Fortran 90
compiler for SunOS 4.1.3.
       Tel: +1 708 971 2337

3) FUJITSU: (Advertised in "Advanced Systems"): They have a fortran 90
compiler for Solaris 2.x now, but will have one for SunOS 4.1.x in
about 3 months. They also offered to send the beta version for
testing. 1-800-545-OSSI

4) GNU: I was told there is a fortran project under way, however, I
don't have much information about it and don't know whether it is
fortran 77 or 90.

5) EPC - EPC says they currently ships true compilers (as opposed to
Fortran to C translators) on both SGI and Sun (Solaris and SunOS)

6) IMSL: It seems they don't have the fortran 90 support library at
this time.

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