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Since I'm not an expert with ISDN and do not wish to leave out
any particular fact and since many have asked
for full responses I though I would do just that, and include
the complete responses. Sorry for wasting bandwidth

                        THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR THE INFO
                        IT REALLY HELPED!!!!

>Hi Sun Managers, would appreciate your input on ISDN.

>We are interested in driving four ISDN ( In Europe) lines from a
>Sparcstation 20 currently running SunOs 4.1.3. (we could
>update to Solaris 2.X) We want to simultaneously drive
>these four lines (or as close to simultaneously as possible)
>and since we are really interested in speed we would like
>to be able to combine the two B channels for maximum throughput.
>On the receive side we will also have a Sparcstation.

>We would run anything that will give us fast and reliable
>service to the remote site. Either TCP/IP or a proprietary

>We would like to know how this can be done from a Sparc
>what applications, hardware, etc etc.


From: wsj2!!koen (Koen Peeters)
Suggests updating to Solaris and run SUNLINK ISDN on a Sun Sparc
"If you use SUNlink ISDN 1.0.2 it can combine all channels (= 8 B channels) and use even use compression. Bandwidth can be allocated dynamically.
You would be running TCP/IP over PPP over ISDN. Every BRI requires one Sbus card"
As an alternative you could use a dedicated ISDN router (ex. ascend 400B comes with 4 BRI). This would give similar possibilities but it would save Sbus slot's.

If speed is really an issue you could consider using a PRI ISDN line. This would give you 30 B channels or 2MB.
You could use either an Sbus PRI card from Bintec Germany or an ISDN router with PRI/E1 interface (ex ascend 400E)
From: "Marc K. Newman" <wsj2!CHAIN.SSCTR.BCM.TMC.EDU!mknewman>

Marc also recommends Ascend 400B

FROM:wsj2!!poehlem (Karl Poehleman (Poehlem)

You should be running Solaris 2.x. However, a better way to go, Is to fork out about 1k, and get an ISDN modem(such as an Ascend Pipeline 50, or a Combinet Bridge).

From: wsj2!magma.COM!ed (Ed Romascan)

We are currently working with SunSoft to port SunLink ISDN
to our serial port products. We will offer both 4 port and
16 port synchronous serial SBus boards. You would connect
our board to an ISDN modem such as a Motorola Bitsurfer (I
think these are around $400).

Lupe Christoph <wsj2!!lupe>

you can use an S0m board (30 B channels, 2048 kbps), for
example from BinTech in Nuremberg, Germany. They also have IP
routing software for Sun's. SunOS 4 as well as Solaris 2.

You can also employ a stand-alone router with 4 ISDN links. There
are a few manufacturers one can use. Several German companies,
Spider in the UK, and maybe Cisco (I'm not sure how far they
go with ISDN these days).

Lupe does consulting work also


Network Express HUB Network Express, Inc
                         Ann Arbor, Michigan

   I liked this Hub because it allows growth from
   small to large. You just slide in cards.
   I purchase one card to support 4 BRI's.
   It can act as a bridge or router and has
   many security features.
   Simple to set up.

Combinet (Recently bought out by Cisco)
                Combinet (
                Sunnyvale, Calif.

   The devices I purchased support a single BRI
   and act as a bridge. Can be hooked directly
   to a workstation thru 10-BASE-T connector (the combinet
   acting as a 10-BASE-T hub with a single link)
   They have models to support large and small networks.
   We use these at the remote sites although you
   could use them at both ends; there is no
   problem putting several combinets on the
   same network.
   I think the newer models can also act as routers.

From: wsj2!!oberoc (Tino Dai)
 First you need a
terminal adapter (kinda like a modem for ISDN) on both ends. If you
want a name I can supply that later. After that, you need a board
so that the Sparcstation can utilitize the higher throughput of
ISDN. Now two manufactures that I have deal with are ADTRAN and
MAGMA for the Terminal Adapter and the High End serial board.
If yoy want these two addresses just give me a email. And you said
that you wanted to run TCP/IP or some other protocal, right? Well,
you should look into PPP. If you are unfamiliar with it, and want
some info about it, try
It has a lot of good stuff. Hope it helps!

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