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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Tue Aug 15 1995 - 22:49:37 CDT

Thanks for all the help. I was asking about taking a disk from a SS5
and booting a SS20 with it. As it worked out, the /devices entries for
the SS20 differs from those for a SS5. The complete correct answer came
from Wai-Kong Yu which was to install the correct /etc/path_to_install
file for a SS20. I then did a boot -r on this disk, and all came up fine.
One other point that I noted was that, the /dev entry for "sd3" on the SS5
was /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s?, whereas on the SS20 it was /dev/dsk/c0t3d0s? ...
the controller had changed from "0" -> "1". Thats Solaris for you.

I got many other close answers from other people, so thanks to all that
helped. The original Q follows, plus all replies.

Thanks to all

Greg Roberts

NOTE: Wai-Kong sent me the correct /etc/path_to_install files, so if anyone needs
them, let me know and I'll forward them on.
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the /etc/path_to_install file of a ss20 and a ss5 are
different. You should first boot on the ss5,
cp the included scripts to /etc, halt the system,
swap the disk and boot again.

this should work.

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>From Fri Aug 11 05:21:19 1995
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The /devices tree is different on the two systems, and most of the
stuff in /dev is a link to /devices/...

What you need to do is put the disk in the SS20, then boot from CD-ROM,
mount the roo tfilesystem and copy (say using cpio or dump or something
the cd-rom version of /devices to the root filesystem.

Then you should be able to boot -r the SS20 to get everything just right.

Under 4.1.x there is no /devices so this should work in that environment.


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Did you get an answer to your "boot an SS20 from an SS5 disk" question? I did something similar (boot an SS5 from a Classic) and might be able to dig up my notes if you've not yet received a response, but it'd be a bit of work for me and I wouldn't want to spare the time if you have already received an answer or solved the problem on your own.

The quick answer is, it's hard with Solaris 2.x (though it's trivial on a Solaris 1.x (SunOS 4.x) system.

All the /dev entries point to hardware-specific places in /devices, and there are a couple of commands you can use to reconstruct the /dev area (that I'd have to search for).


Mike Maciolek

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