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Date: Tue Aug 15 1995 - 04:00:15 CDT

Thanks for the many replies.

It turns out that the "admintool" is the way to go here.

Short answer is run admintool on the Solaris machine, and set it
up to print to the system with the printer. If the system with
the printer is still SunOS4, specify BSD printing as the type (via
click box).

For a detailed explanation, read Chapter 11 in the book "Solaris
Advanced System Administrator's Guide". It explains the details and
how to accomplish the results using command line utilities.

Publisher is Ziff Davis, Author is Janice Winsor, ISBN 1-56276-131-5.
I picked up a copy at the local Barnes-Noble bookstore, so any
good computer bookstore near you should have a copy.

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Thanks to all who submitted, I list just a few of the folks who replied...
the rest you know who you are and I thank you for the input. The original
post is below.

Paul Margozzi (Ernie Chan)
Terry.Smith@UK.Sun.COM (Terry Smith - Sun UK - District Support Manager) (Michael K. Glass) (David Gunn)
Ric Anderson <>


>Hello Sun folks,
>I am new to Solaris 2.3, I have been using SunOS 4.1.3 for awhile.
>My question is this....what the heck happened to the /etc/printcap file?
>I need to set up a "sparc printer" entry for the new solaris sparc10s
>we have. The sparc printer is connected to a SS10 as it has been for years.
>What do I need to do on the SS10 that is running solaris that I want to print
>I am used to /usr/lib/lpd running and creating a /var/spool/printername dir
>and so on. I have been through the man pages but no real luck. I do not
>have the answer book.

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