Summary: Modem conn. doesn\'t request passwd (hangs)

From: Paul Lupa X4184 (
Date: Thu Aug 10 1995 - 21:49:34 CDT

My original problem:

- I have installed modems and they work only some of the time.
- When the don't work the symptom is
- + Modem connects.
- + Machine prompts for a user name.
- + User name and the <CR> are echoed
- + The <LF> and the prompt `Password:' are not echoed.
- I have called from many modems: Multitech, Practical P., US Robotics.
- Old and Slow, New and Fast. Similar results. Does anyone know what
- I could be over looking.

Thanks to all that help me solve my modem problems. The problem was due
to parity problems. The following responders all helped:

The most complete answer came from Celeste who pointed me to
her Solaris2.x Tutorial on Modems & Terminals (

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