SUMMARY: White paper, ftp site, etc. for SCCS

From: Craig Barker (tybse2!
Date: Mon Aug 07 1995 - 09:41:47 CDT

The original question posted follows:

> Can anyone point me to a white paper, ftp site, etc. where I can
> find information about initial setup of SCCS for software development?
> I have a SPARCserver 10 running Solaris 2.3.

The concensus answer was "Not really", but everyone that responded:

Kevin Sheehan
John Rosenberg
Frank Greco
Mark Almeida
John Ivory

All recommended that I try RCS instead of the plain vanilla SCCS. Apparently
RCS provides all the functionality of SCCS, and then some. In addition,
there are a number of "project-oriented" systems that have been built on top
of RCS to allow multi-programmer teams to share source trees, etc.

Books available on SCCS include:
The Rochkind book
and of course the O'Reilly book on SCCS and RCS

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