SUMMARY 2.3 SS10 panic

From: Jay Gallivan (
Date: Fri Aug 04 1995 - 05:24:05 CDT

Thanks for the quick response!

I neglected (in a panic (:<) ) to mention the hardware (SS10) and OS
(2.3). Please pardon the oversight.

Original question:
> Can anyone tell me what the following panic message means.
> Aug 1 13:57:15 cms107 unix: panic: recursive mutex_enter. mutex fc374280 caller fc384570

SUMMARY: look at patch 101318-74 and set hosts up for crash analysis.

In greater detail....

Sukhmeet Singh wrote that "Mutual exclusion locks (mutexes) are used
to serialize the execution of threads." He also directed me to a nice
sun-managers SUMMARY archive at

Kevin Sheehan (What is a Consulting Poster Child?) enlightened me
further with the comment " that a kernel thread holding a mutex tried
to acquire it again, which is a no-no." He also pointed out the
utility of a crash. I'll suggest the hosts (7) be setup to provied
crashes in the future.

Philip Kao pointed out a problem with patch 101318-64 and suggested
backing out the patch and installing a later patch. A later patch had
already been installed (101318-70, see showrev -p below).

Juergen Peus checked sunsolve, with some references. They did not seem
to quite fit my problem, perhaps because they make references that do
not quite meet my situation.

Eugene Choi suggests patch 101318-74. The README for this patch
references a fix for 1176350 and "increases the concurrency through
the SYS V shared memory operations." Theses hosts make VERY HEAVY use
of shared memory.

Aditya Talwar provided general disucssion on panics and suggested a
book recently published on the subject. I quote Aditya now.

>There is a new book out on panics:
>I recently had the sincere pleasure to read
> Panic! Unix System Crash Dump Analysis
> Chris Drake and Kimberley Brown
> Prentice Hall
> ISBN 0-13-149386-8
> I paid $44.00
>This book is basically about using adb to debug panic dumps. To explain
>how to do this, however, you have to explain a lot about Unix internals.
>The book uses SPARC, both SunOS 4 and Solaris 2, for its examples but
>much of what it shows applies to other flavors of Unix as well.
>This is the first place I have seen that has a clear explanation of
> * SunOS 4 multiprocessing
> * SunOS 5 multiprocessing
>not to mention the ins and outs of adb.
>The book goes to great extents to error on the side of explaining things
>in enough depth, yet in a gentle enough manner, for even the non-computer-
>scientist-user-now-systems-administrator to follow. This might seem a
>little redundent for people who have the source code and understand it
>(the book goes so far as to explain that there are usually four bytes in
>a word on modern RISC machines), but for the rest of us, it is really
>helpful. Most times in the book where it refers to knowledge that should

I've already placed by order! (Mark B. Hamby) (Art Freeman) (Philip Kao) (James Coby)
Paulo Licio de Geus <>
Graeme Robertson <> (Aditya Talwar) (Eugene Choi)
Juergen Peus <> (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})
Sukhmeet Singh <>
COURTIER Denis Athesa <>

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