SUMMARY of the SUMMARY: Can't CHOWN a mount point in 2.4??????

From: Gregory Bond (
Date: Sun Jul 30 1995 - 23:29:43 CDT

I wrote:


(I got a lot of mail saying, "Yeah, know how you feel!")

> Under Solaris 2, "ls -lg" means SUPPRESS the group ownership.

Fat fingers. -g means show ONLY group & suppress the owner. I knew that,
Casper knew that and told me so, I just messed up the summary. Please don't
think Casper is an Idiot. _I_ am the idiot.

> I HATE Solaris 2. I hate SOLARIS 2. _I_ hate Solaris 2. I hate Solaris _2_.
> 15 years of finger macros to unlearn.

Got a lot of mail saying. "Yeah, know how you feel!!!!"

There are two basic responses to this:
 - use /usr/5bin in your path to get Gods Own ps/ls/cc etc behaviour.
 - Grin, suffer, bear it & learn the One True SYS-V way, because that is the
best long-term strategy and (as someone pointed out) make converting to HP &
SGI so much easier! This was _doubly_ emphasised when it comes to compilers &
porting code. This seems to me to be the best way forward - painful now but
with long-term benefits.

Thanks all for your comments and sympathy.

Greg, an old dog slowly being forced to learn new tricks.

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