SUMMARY: Properties window too big...etc

From: Ed Maple (
Date: Wed Jul 26 1995 - 18:15:35 CDT

Firstly a BIG thank you to the following for replying to my email query:

"Christopher L. Barnard" <cbarnard@CS.UChicago.EDU> (Fred Berns) (Clinton Black (184487)) (Danny Johnson)

To recap, I was having a problem with the Properties program in
Openwindows/xdm. When it was
displayed, it would display as a very long and narrow rectangle of a window.

The replies I received suggested upgrading to Solaris 2.4 (we're currently
at 2.3, and will
someday make the jump, though I'm in no great hurry), checking the
definition of "the geometry
of objects within the base frame" for overlap or otherwise inaccurate or
inappropriate values.

However, the answer, provided by Clinton Black (you don't sing country music
do you? (;-) ),
was to set the value of XFILESEARCHPATH in the Xsession file (which resides in
$OPENWINHOME/lib/xdm) as follows:


This did the trick. Thanks again for the help. With this list around, who
needs to pay for SUN
support!? (;-)


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