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Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 00:34:24 CDT

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>Hi all,
>I just go a HP DeskJet 1200CPS (color postscript inkjet) with tcp/ip capability.
>At first I have no drivers for Solaris 2.4 .
>And as second I'd like some tips on how to set it up, on the Solaris 2.4 side
>Are there any recipes out there for my illness ?

>Thank's a lot

>Franc Foskolos

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From:!u2is9gef@sunmed.uucp (GREGOR E FELLERS )

You should have gotten a copy of jetadmin with the
printer. That is what you need and it will work
with all of HP's printers.

The deskjet printer has a default address of

you can: route add host youripaddress 0

this will open a connection to the printer that you can use to set
the ip address and net mask for your domaine.

then use jetadmin to install the printer on your network.

From: Access.COM!tim@sunmed.uucp (Tim Wort)

Assuming you have a PS version no drivers (application level) are needed, it is just another PostScript printer. The jetadmin utilities for the TCP/IP connection can be found at in the jetdirect area. These utilities will allow easy connection in Solaris 2.4, and will enable you to use the printer with Suns' NeWSprint as well (if you desire, NeWSprint is not required.)

Hope this helps..


Maybe you need to buy J2375A "JetDirect software for SunOS", or maybe
you can pick it up for free from

From: Henry Unger <!hunger@sunmed.uucp>

Assuming you have a JetDirect card, you can get the drivers from

From: Mike Blandford <!mikey@sunmed.uucp>

From:!Kevin.Sheehan@sunmed.uucp (Kevin Sheehan {Consulting Poster Child})

shouldn't need any - as I recall lpadmin knows how to deal with postscript

1) add printer into /etc/hosts (say as "post_printer")

2) run lpadmin:

lpadmin -p ps1 -D "HP 1200CPS Color Printer" -s post_printer -I postscript

something like that anyway. This is from rather fuzzy memory.

From:!thomas@sunmed.uucp (Thomas Koetter)

You can find software for HP printers under their WWW-Server

We have JetAdmin under Sol 2.3 for an HP 4m with tcp/ip and it
works fine.


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