Summary: Quick plug in swap space? - PART 4 of 4

From: Daniel_V._D'
Date: Mon Jul 17 1995 - 11:34:35 CDT

From: Reto Lichtensteiger <>

% man mkfile
     mkfile - create a file

     mkfile [ -nv ] size[k|b|m] filename ...

     mkfile creates one or more files that are suitable for use
     as NFS-mounted swap areas, or as local swap areas. The
     sticky bit is set, and the file is padded with zeroes by
     default. The default size is in bytes, but it can be
     flagged as kilobytes, blocks, or megabytes, with the k, b,
     or m suffixes, respectively.

     -n Create an empty filename. The size is noted, but disk
          blocks aren't allocated until data is written to them.

     -v Verbose. Report the names and sizes of created files.

     swapon(2), fstab(5), swapon(8)

Sounds like the thing to do ...

And ...

%man swapon

     swapon - specify additional device for paging and swapping

     /usr/etc/swapon -a

     /usr/etc/swapon name...

     swapon specifies additional devices or files on which paging
     and swapping are to take place. The system begins by swap-
     ping and paging on only a single device so that only one
     disk is required at bootstrap time. Calls to swapon nor-
     mally occur in the system multi-user initialization file
     /etc/rc making all swap devices available, so that the pag-
     ing and swapping activity is interleaved across several dev-

     The second form gives individual block devices or files as
     given in the system swap configuration table. The call
     makes only this space available to the system for swap allo-

     Note: "swap files" made with mkfile(8) can be used as swap
     areas over NFS.

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