SUMMARY: Undefined symbol: __lib_version

Date: Wed Jul 12 1995 - 12:29:28 CDT

Thank you soo much!

Tim Evans hits the nail :-)

Tim wrote a short sentence:

>prepend /usr/ucblib to LD_LIBRARY_PATH

So I did and the problem with __lib_version disappeared:

setenv | grep LD_L

THank you so much Tim!

Others were also kind and gave some hints:
raoul@MIT.EDU (Nico Garcia)
>unsetenv LD_LIBRARY_PATH before compiling. You shouldn't need it. If
>you do, add slowly to it /usr/local/lib, /usr/lib, /usr/openwin/lib,
>and *nothing* else. Recompile from clean copies, not just where it
-------- (J. Davis)
>Try temporarily unsetenv-ing the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable and recompiling.
Krister Joas <>
I had similar problem once and it turned out I had an old version of
libgcc.a somewhere that the compiler used instead of the correct one.
Deleting the old one solved my problem. Can't say if that's the case
here though. I found my problem by going through all my .a files with
nm searching for references to the undefined symbol(s). I just did
that on one of our machines (Solaris 2.4) and _lib_version is undefined
in libc and libm but not defined anywhere, oddly enough. It is however
defined in, but emacs at least is linked statically. Also try
'gcc -v' to see what libraries gcc really tries to link.
 Verena Gelpke <>
Me too
 buehlman <>
My lucky guess for today: you mix lgg libraries and conventional sun libraries,
something you are not recommended to do.

Thank you a lot to everybody, but specially to Tim
  Ciao Ray

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