SUMMARY: Support of Sun386i as diskless client

From: Daniel Hurtubise (daniel@sar3.CANR.Hydro.Qc.CA)
Date: Wed Jul 12 1995 - 00:52:08 CDT

Original question:

> Sun Managers,
> I need to be able to support a Sun386 as a diskless client from a
> sun4/330 server running SunOS 4.1.3a.
> All I have is an OLD cartridge with 4.0.3 OS for the 386 with
> no documentation.
> Any prompt suggestions on what procedure I should use in this case
> would be greatly appreciated, as I am strapped for time.


The installation tape has special scripts after the third file mark.
I unloaded them with tar, ran the proper scripts and everything works
like a charm now.

Someone mentioned using add_services, but that wouldn't work. For some
reason, the script would get to much info off the tape and I would run
out of disk space (200 megs).

thanks to those who responded.

Daniel Hurtubise.

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