SUMMARY: Tape backup sofware

From: John Rosenberg (
Date: Thu Jun 29 1995 - 10:34:52 CDT

Sorry for the long delay in this summary, but I got lots & lots of answers,
and wanted to compose a pretty complete summary, so I waited. Where I do not
supply the source of the software, contact me and I will get it for you (or
try to, at minimum). Many thanks to all respondents. I hope this is helpful
to people in this forum (I got a few "me too"s). Note that the number of people
who liked (or at least recommended looking into) particular software packages
is smaller than the total no. of recommendations, since some people recommended
several possibilities.

Original post (6/22):

> I would greatly appreciate suggestions as to backup software for homogeneous
> (NFS) nets, which would run on a SPARC 20 / SunOS 4.1.3_U1. Commercial or
> shareware or freeware. I will summarize. Thanks in advance.

Commercial products [(n) = number of people who like this software]:

        Legato Networker (7)
        BudTool (4)
        NEARNET (aka EPOCH) (2)
        Backup Copilot (2)
        Alexandria (1) Spectra Logic Corp.
        UtilityPak for Suns (1)
        Interbackup (1) Chevry
        SM-Arch (1) Software Moguls


        Amanda (3)
        dobackups (1)
        O.S.U. Backup (1)
        [my own backup pkg.] (1: Me)

Thanks to: (Tom Chitty)
        mario.battu@CSELT.STET.IT (Mario Battu')
        COURTIER Denis Athesa <> (Jochen Bern) (Mike Salehi)
        Gene Rackow <>
        Boyd Fletcher <> (Gail Mignard) (Mike Avina) (Jeff Greer) (Don Trimmer) (Scott A. McIntyre)
        Juergen Peus <> (Mike Jones)
        Gustavo Vegas <gustavo@Microchip.COM>
        "jacob" <>
        pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM (Pamela S. Pledger)
        Adam Shostack <>
        dancy@Franz.COM (Ahmon Dancy)

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