SUMMARY: NFS Compatibility Question

From: Dave Siltz (
Date: Tue Jun 27 1995 - 04:39:01 CDT

Hi Sun Managers,

My original question follows:

> I am looking into the feasibility of integrating NFS onto a
> network consisting of:
> 1) Sun machines running Solaris 2.4
> 2) SGI machines running IRIX 5.2
> 3) SCO machines running SCO Unix 3.2.4 (OpenDesktop 3.0.0)
> Has anyone had any experience running NFS between Suns and
> either of these non-Sun platforms? I need to find out any
> compatibility problems before NFS is purchased for the SGI
> machines.

Thanx to the following for responding (There may be more): (Andrew Weston) (Brett Newton-Palmer) (Christian Gresser) (scott hollatz) (Cindy Yoho) (Henry Katz)
    pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM (Pamela S. Pledger) (Steven Ho) (Louis Brune)
    denali!!john (John Malick) (Kevin Inscoe) (Joe Garbarino)
        One Anonymous Respndent


The overwhelming consensus is that NFS functions as
advertised between various platforms.

        Kevin Inscoe <> summed it up best:

> Yup! Works fine! I do it all here. All of
> the above mentioned are either current
> servers (or have been at one time) and all
> are clients to each other.

There were, however, a few warnings.

        Christian Gresser <> wrote:

> You only have to care if you want to use
> secure NFS with AUTH_DES authentication.
> This ist not supportet by all architectures.
        <> wrote:

> warning: there is an NFS patch for IRIX 5.3 : patch 216
> IRIX NFS 5.3 has got NFS3 and ONC3...

        Pamela Pledger <pamela@jupiter.Legato.COM> wrote:

> ...If you plan to use the automounter, you
> will have to get NIS separately for SGI
> IRIX. SCO's NIS is extremely weak ( say
> non-existent until svr4/everest - for
> security reasons. ) I'd prefer NT with a NFS
> package like BWnfs than SCO...

        Quite a few people cautioned me about possible differences
        in UID/GID numbers among various platforms.

        Louis Brune <> added the following
        tidbit, which I am investigating:

> I think you can run the client side of NFS
> on SGI without spending extra money.

Thanx again for the responses.

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