SUMMARY: restore / filesystem from dump tape

From: Chuck Campbell (
Date: Mon Jun 26 1995 - 23:42:25 CDT

sad to say this summary is late, primarily because of an incredible string of
bad system disks, and eventually a failed system dump tape (probably due to
the number of times I had to read the thing...).

Anyway, thanks to all of you who responded, way to many to list, and almost
too many to read <g>.

The solutions included:

1)mount the physical disk on another machine and restore there, then replace it.2)mount the partitions onto some other name and restore from the miniroot.
3)can't be done (fortunately not true).
4)restore to another fs, and selectively move the files I need to keep.
5)restore selectively, and ensure you don't overwrite anything the running
  system happens to be using.

As you might guess, the last three would be monstrously tedious. Options
one and two both work, but if you are going to use option 1, you need to do
a fresh install first, to ensure the boot info is on the disk.

Again, apologies for the late summary and thanks to all of you who replied.


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