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From: Eric Peterson (
Date: Sat Jun 24 1995 - 11:37:51 CDT

Thank you to all that responded, the response was great. I recieved alot
of requests to summarize what I found out about paging scripts. Hope this
helps those are interested.

> Hello Managers,
> I'am looking for a pager script to put on my Sparc 20 management box to
> page me and other network administrators if something goes down in the
> network. I have tried my local Sun rep and Sun corporate with little
> success.
> We use a Sparc 20 running HP OpenView NNM 2.3 and the full
> product line of Synoptics LattisWorks with Optivity version 6.0. My Sparc
> runs 4.1.3u right now due to Optivity not yet supporting Solaris 2.x.
> OpenView allows me to launch any executable upon a specific SNMP trap
> (i.e. node down) and pass that to the O/S. I would like to launch a pager
> script based on a what ever traps I deem critical. Not being of the
> programer type I'm curious if anybody has a suggestion or could point me
> in the right direction.

I found several commercial providers that sell programs that will provide
paging functions and alot more. I think some of these will even start
your car for you in the morning if you have a SNMP agent loaded.

* TELAMON has a product named Telalert that appears to be feature rich
and will perform much more than just paging. They can be reached at (916)
622-0630. Sorry no E-mail address found.

* PPT (Personal Productivity Tools Inc.) has a product named ETHERPAGE
that also appears to be very robust. They can be reached at

I also received many non-commercial ideas and have listed a few of them

* Tpage, this seemed to be the most popular shareware product that people
suggested. I found it at "" in /pub/scripts/assorted,
the file name is "ixobeeper.Z". NOTE: this is a Perl script.

* A magazine called "Sysadmin or System Administrator" (not sure on the
exact title) has an article in the March/April issue Vol3 No2 1994 that
shows several scripts that can be written.

* One of the easiest suggestions that works very well and is quick is a
simple echo statement to the comm port.
 i.e. echo "ATDT9,5551212,,,,,,82727,#" > /dev/ttya
Of course you need to customize the codes and response keys to your paging

Other sources and names that were dropped I have not looked into and do
not know if they are commercial products or shareware but may be worth

* C-Kermit
* FirstPage by NetCon Technologies (commercial)
* Hylafax

Thanks again to all that responded and I hope this helps those who had the
same question I did.


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