SUMMARY: SunLink DNI v8.0 -- installed under Solaris 2.4(I hope)

From: Howard Modell (
Date: Mon Jul 10 1995 - 19:20:13 CDT

I think I have it now .. I tried something that, to me, seemed goofy, but it worked.
I now seem to have all the pieces of SunLink DNI v8.0 working under Solaris 2.4.

To Summarize:

1. When I first tried installing the software, I tripped over a known
        bug/flaw/?? such that it trashed my OS in the middle of the
        install, necessitating a complete re-install (the system is less
        than a week old, so this was acceptable with only some groaning).

        Consulting with SunSoft, I found out that (a) the problem is known,
        and (b) there are 2 patches I needed to install -- 101856-02 and
        101458-03 -- *before* installing the DNI packages.

2. Somehow, and I'm still not sure of how, the device /dev/nsp (which is
        really /device/pseudo/clone@0:nsp) ended up without the correct
        privileges. That caused the situation where the DNI software
        worked fine for root but not for anyone else.

3. My final problem, and this may just be a clutsiness on my part, the flag
        in the /etc/SUNWconn/dni/dniserver.conf file was changed (I admit,
        by me) from "noaccept" to "accept". This caused the situation where
        all DNI functions worked *EXCEPT* for mail from VMS to Unix. (I'd
        get "network protocol error".)

        Changing the flag back to "noaccept" (this seems like reverse logic
        can someone explain to me why it has to be this way, what the
        flags accept/noaccept/acccntl really mean?) solved the problem.

I'm sorry for taking up all you sun-managers folk with this, and sincerely
appreciate anyone who has tried to help me.

 Howard Modell (206)662-0189
 Adv.Computing Technologist/2 POBox 3707, m/s 4C-63, Boeing D&SG Seattle, WA 98124-2207
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