SUMMARY: Constant console message on login

Date: Tue Jun 20 1995 - 14:07:48 CDT

Thanks to all that have responded
My original request was:
> I recieve the following message everytime I start OpenWindows:
> make sure that you can write /etc/utmp!
> I have made sure that the directory had universal read and write access.
> I have checked the man pages and the FAQ but have not found how to
remedy this.
> I am running an Sparc IPX with SunOS 4.1.3 and OpenWindows 3.0.
> Thank you and I will summarize.

The solution was so simple that I am ashamed that I didn't figure it out.

/etc/utmp should be a file not a directory.
I removed the directory, did a "touch /etc/utmp" followed by a "chmod
666 /etc/utmp"
I am pleased to say that this worked and now I haven't had a problem since.
Thank you:
Toby Severtson
Scott Kamin
Mark Hargrave
Consulting Poster Child (Kevin)

Thanks to all
Christy Wolfe * If at first you dont succeed,
                        * go back and study something else.

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