SUMMARY: automated login in Sol 2.4

From: Andreas Stoll (
Date: Wed Jun 21 1995 - 12:46:00 CDT

Dear Sun-Managers,

the question:
> I am looking for a way to automate the login procedure.
> After a reboot the user should be logged in automatically, without
> providing his account and password.
> I tried "login user" or "su - user" in the rc3.d scripts
> but without success. I got: "no utmp entry" or "no root shell"
> I suppose there should be a way using ttymon,sacadm,ttyadm and friends...

the answer:

edit /etc/inittab:
remove last line and use:
co:234:once:/usr/bin/su - user >/dev/console </dev/console

Be aware of the security hole.


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