SUMMARY mult remote printers

From: Andreas Stoll (
Date: Fri Jun 16 1995 - 06:50:33 CDT

Dear Sun-Managers,

we checked the print-server and everything worked fine. But we used a different
file to print. Later on, with the same file, we found out, that the /etc/lp/
filter.table was the wrong one. The printer-troubleshooting section didn't
help us in this case, but I still recommend those pages.


The question:

On Solaris 2.4 I installed four remote printers. Now I get the
this output from lpstat -t:

scheduler is running
system default destination: pr1
system for pr1: ws1
system for pr2: ws2
system for pr3: ws3
UX:lpstat: ERROR: Received unexpected message 20 from the LP print
           TO FIX: It's likely there is an error in this
                   software. Please get help from your
                   system administrator (I 'm afraid that's me...)

No problem occurs when there is only one remote printer.

Patch 101959-03 is installed but not 101959-02 from the OS-CD
(All other Patches are installed)

Thanx in advance.

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