SUMMARY: Tahiti MO drives on Solaris 2.4

From: Gregory Bond (
Date: Thu Jun 15 1995 - 06:57:49 CDT

Orig query:
> We have a Tahiti 2 MO drive on our SS10 running 4.1.3.mumble. We got a
> special driver for it because the standard sd diver on 4.1 didn't really know
> about removable disks.
> What is the situation under Solaris 2? Does it support MO drives (perhaps via
> the volume manager thangy) or will I need to persue a 2.4 version of the
> driver?
> I assume that the 4.1.3 driver won't cut it! Is there some standard answer to
> this?

The short answer is tha yes, a driver is needed, and no, the 4.1.3 one will
NOT work. Most recommended the Artecon driver, but I don't know if the s/w is
available separately. I'm still chasing the local Artecon rep.

One repsondent reported using the standard 2.4 sd driver, but I assume this
was not in replacable-media mode.

Thanks to all.


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