SUMMARY : openwin problem

From: Okan OKCU (
Date: Mon Jun 12 1995 - 19:43:31 CDT

my original message was as follows:
> Hi!
> My problem is as follows: When I run openwin, evething seems good
> for a while, but then when i try to open a window, the following
> message appears:
> unable to open display :0.0.
> The DISPLAY environment variable is :0.0
> Thanks in advance.
> Okan Okcu

Thanks to everyone who responded.
The following people explained my problem:

Michael Sullivan <>
Jochen Bern <bern@TI.Uni-Trier.DE>

The problem is that a cron job cleans the /tmp directory and so the
file /tmp/.X11-unix/X0 is removed, which the UNIX domain socket
used to connect to the X server when the hostname is omitted from
the DISPLAY value. So two solutions is possible:

1-Do not clean /tmp directory when openwindows is running.
2-Set the DISPLAY env var to hostname:0.0 not only to :0.0

Thanks the following people who advised the 2nd soultion:

Bismark Espinoza <>
Jeremy Hunt <>
Barry Donovan <bdo@salt.atb.CH>
Larry Ridenour <>

And thanks to following for their comments:

Laura Taylor <>
Houman Safai <>
Steve Raffensberger <>
Zia Iqbal <>
Jeff Adams <>
Gene Loriot <>
Joseph A. Mervini <>
Robert L. Spence <>
Al Venz <>
Stephen Hauskins <>
Kalpesh Dharia <>

Okan Okcu

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