Summary : Hard disk configuration help requested.

From: Haruhisa Tamai (
Date: Sun Jun 04 1995 - 22:19:29 CDT

I'm sorry for the Daley. Thanks all of you for helping 4G hard disk problem;
  "3 hard disk is OK but system won't boot with 5 hard disk drives."

My real problem was SCSI related. my co-worker (electric engineer)
told something like ;
  (I do not know if everything described below is correct or not since
  I'm not familiar with this type of thing.)

  When the SCSI device is connected by cascade, the signal on the bus
  become lower at the far end from the card.

  Possible solution is


    in stead of


  The passive terminator (? which has no LED) consumes more signal
  than the one with LED.

  In my case, 4G drive consumes lose signal. I moved 4G drive to far
  end of cascade line and replaced terminator to the one with LED.

  I have no problem now.


Haruhisa Tamai

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